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New Food Magazine, Confectionary Supplement, December 2016: “An overview of the crystallinity of cocoa butter” (Issue #6 2016 – Digital version)

November 2016: Competitor in the global Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Present Around The World (PATW) event; please click here to see a video of my final presentation

July 2016: Winner of the national Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Present Around The World (PATW) event

June 2016: Winner of the regional (South-West) Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Present Around The World (PATW) event

March 2016: Winner of the local (Plymouth & Cornwall) Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Present Around The World (PATW) event

Aug 2015: Alumni profile on Plymouth University’s website is live!
- Charlotte Levy - PhD in Chemistry

Jan 2015: 1 of 10 shortlisted essays out of 75 entries to present a 2nd round entry for the Chemistry World science communication competition 2014
- Plymouth University news article, Plymouth Herald coverage, BBC Radio Cornwall coverage, Chemistry World competition entry page

May 2012: Santander Scholar

Sept 2011: VC Awards: Student of the Year

Dec 2010: Chemistry student wins Trainee of the Year on placement in Argentina (Additional links: 1 2)

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Charlotte Levy, PhD Researcher

Hello and welcome to my professional website! This website is the home for information regarding, among other things, my studies, research interests and publications, and career pursuits.

I have kept this site as simple as possible so I can change things easily as and when required.

This site showcases many, but not all, of my personal skills and qualities: if you would like a copy of my competency and skills based CV, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I would also appreciate if you could contact me should you happen to stumble across any broken links and the like!

About me

Since finishing my PhD in December 2016, I undertook various non-contractual roles within the university, which included research, demonstrating/teaching to all stages of the BSc (Hons) chemistry course, outreach, laboratory management (ISO 9001 documentation), and conducting consultancy work. The consultancy work was on an ad hoc basis through the UoPEL (University of Plymouth Enterprise Ltd) Commercial Consultancy and Contract Research department for a small company called Kernow Analytical Technology (KAT) within the Petroleum and Environmental Geochemistry Group (PEGG), in which the separation, using a novel method known as T-SEP, and subsequent analysis of various oils for its wax content were performed. T-SEP is a proprietary, small scale, thermal separation technique that has been developed by KAT in partnership with the University of Plymouth, and concentrates the >nC20 fraction of the oil in order for better and more accurate analysis of the heavier n-alkanes using high temperature gas chromatograph (HTGC) coupled with mass spectrometry.

Currently, I have passed the Royal Navy’s Admiralty Interview Board (AIB) and have been accepted on the 2-month Accelerated Officer Programme (AOP) offered by the Royal Navy to reservists, which fast-tracks potential officer cadets to Midshipman in the RNR over the summer (July-September 2017). Officer cadets undergo professional Royal Navy training in leadership, sea survival, and seamanship skills on the river Dart culminating with time at sea on a naval ship.


Contact information

Email: charlotte.levy@plymouth.ac.uk